Welcome to my "flight log". My husband, Kenny, recently attained his Private Pilot certification (July 6, 2004) and on this page I'd like to log where we fly as well as chronicle the flights through pictures.

As background information, my husband trained at Hi-Tech Aviation at Hooks Airport and that is where we will typically rent our planes from.

Also, Kenny wrote up his FAA exam details. The FAA exam consists of 3 parts: knowledge test, oral test and then a check ride. The written test isn't too bad and can be taken when you feel ready. The oral exam and check ride though can not be taken until your instructor signs off on you as being ready. An FAA examiner is then scheduled and you undergo a grueling 4 hour examination. Kenny passed on his first try but it was still a very stressful test! Read about his experience over here.

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(FYI: Flight time I log will include pre-flight checks, run-up preparation and taxiing.)

Galveston Sunday August 1st, 2004, Sunday, 4 PM - 9:30 PM David Wayne Hooks Memorial, Houston, Texas --> Scholes International Airport, Galveston, Texas  Flight time: 2 hours total Click here for PHOTO ALBUM

Flight Details: The weather was iffy until the last minute. Late afternoon summer thunderstorms were rolling through both up at Hooks and down at Galveston. We tried to leave before the storm at Hooks came in but the wind picked up as we were sitting in the airplane going through the pre-flight check up. Kenny struggled with whether or not to takeoff and I told him to always err on the side of caution so we didn't leave. We got out and waited to see if the storm would go through quickly. If it hadn'tby 4 PM we were going to have to drive to Galveston because we were in fact trying to go to a friend's going-away dinner.

It was worth the wait and we finally took off at 4 PM when the weather calmed down. There were no storm clouds between us and the Galveston airport so the flight was uneventful - turbulence was even minimal. I was no longer nauseous like I had been on the last trip although I still had a headache. Much more tolerable though. I guess eating lunch really helped. I took lots of pictures including pictuers of our neighborhood and our home, Downtown, the port and the San Jacinto Monument. We arrived in Galveston around 5:15 PM to clear blue skies.

We headed back to the airport around 7:30 PM and the weather was still clear. We took off around 8:15 PM when the sun was setting so I got some nice parting shots of the beach and the island (photo above is one of the better ones - check out the rest in the album). The flight was uneventful as well but it was especially nice because it was my 1st evening flight with Kenny. Lights could be seen everywhere. I stopped taking pictures but did take video footage including our landing back at Hooks.

We had an indecisive start but it was worth the wait!

1st Flight with Kenny July 11th, 2004, Sunday, 10 AM - 1 PM David Wayne Hooks Memorial, Houston, Texas --> Brenham Municipal, Brenham, Texas Flight time: 1.5 hours total (it was pretty hot as we prepped for takeoff) Click here for PHOTO ALBUM

Flight Details: The day was overcast and the clouds were generally at 2100 ft. As a result we flew mostly at 1600 ft. Turbulence was minimal. Visibility that day was ~10 miles and it was fun to see local landmarks from the road like major highways, nearby communities. You can see some of these in the photo album. Landings were good although we skipped a bit when we landed at Brenham (kind of fun in my opinion).

Unfortunately my head was killing me (no breakfast, no fluids before taking off) so for me the overall experience wasn't as good as it could have been. Eating in Brenham helped a bit but I was still marginally nauseous both coming and going because the headache was so bad. I don't think it was the flying. In the future I'm going to make sure I've eaten and I am going to take a couple of Advils before we take off to see if my next flights will be better. If it is motion sickness I'm sure I can overcome it because I have never had a problem on planes before (both small and large).

All text and photos copyright Elaine Mesker, 2004