Hello & welcome to my corner of the world wide web.

This blog has existed in some form or fashion since the summer of 2001 (OK, technically, the 1st post was made in May of 2001). Back when no one knew what a “blog” was, back when people thought you were weird for putting your personal stuff out for anyone to see, back before even WordPress had been created. *


OMGeee –

my old blog is still sort of up over at my original BlogSpot site!!


Still, I found the new platform pretty cool and even created and ran a page of local Houston-area bloggers called H-Town Blogs. I organized get-togethers and happy hours and from those gatherings met some amazing friends that I still stay close to even now, over a decade later.

Blogging has now been transformed from personal on-line journals to money-making websites that focus on a range of things from parenting to cooking to technical topics to life coaching and more. Twitter was created which started the demise of some personal blogs, then Facebook took over and many of my old blogging buddies stopped renewing the website domains and just took down or abandoned their blogs for the easier, more mobile Facebook platform.

I headed to Facebook too and wholeheartedly embraced it, but I never could abandon my domain or my blog so my little blog keeps trudging along, often neglected for years at a time. But I just couldn’t give it up. But it can be transformed a bit…

So, for the first in 15 years I am moving from a personal, lifestyle blog where I wrote about everything and anything to a (still personal) blog about my travel experience. I feel that my blog posts were often already going this way and it lets me incorporate my photography as well.

* Neat side story: I met Matt Mullenweg his senior year in high school, right as he was programming WordPress. At the time, to install WordPress you had to know a little bit of coding which I didn’t so Matt himself came to my house and installed it for me so I could try it out (I had tried MovableType and was using Blogger up till that point). Oh, and my friend Christine helped him name it!

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