This little guy has captured our hearts. Introducing Radar. #chihuahua

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This little guy has captured our hearts. Introducing Radar. #chihuahua


Review: The Sisterhood

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The Sisterhood
The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book started off strong but then it dragged on as more and more characters were added. As others have said in their reviews, I stopped being able to tell them apart. I think the story should have split itself between the modern day character and the original set of characters from the past and not have taken so much time introducing so many other characters that, to be honest, didn’t add that much more to the story. It took me forever to finish it!

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Fiesta Mix of Texas Wildflowers

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Red & Blue

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The Doctor has landed in Texas!

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The Doctor has landed in #Texas! #tx #whovian #TARDIS #indianpaintbrush #bluebonnets #wildflowers

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Bluebonnets in the backyard!

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#bluebonnets in the backyard! #Texas #Texan #ighouston #wildflowers #spring #houston

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Scrapbooking Weekend

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I took Friday off and had a long Easter weekend so I’ve had a chance to work on my travel scrapbooks. I don’t create traditional family scrapbooks – I don’t journal my memories or “pretty” up pages with layers and cut-outs – my albums are no frills. They focus on my photos with a handful of stickers. I add a few comments here and there and one of my favorite parts is picking out & coordinating the pages. I even have fun picking out the albums themselves to coordinate with the destination – for example, the album for our visit to DC during cherry blossom season is pink and has a floral pattern.

I’ll write another blog entry on my process but for now, the albums I recently finished or will be finishing very shortly are pictured below (click on thumbnail for a larger image).


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#TBT Snazzy Overalls

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I didn’t even need an IG filter on this because it is vintage! LOL Here I am around 3 1/2 years old for #ThrowbackThursday! And I loved frogs back then (check out the top of my snazzy overalls)! #tbt

I didn't even need an IG filter on this because it is vintage! LOL Here I am around 3 1/2 years old for #ThrowbackThursday! And I loved frogs back then (check out the top of my  snazzy overalls)! #tbt


Mosaic Vacation Photo Albums

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I made the switch to an iPhone a little later than most and the 1st trip I had it on was on the Northeastern Foliage Roadtrip we took in the fall of 2012. I had already been using Instagram but this trip was the first one I really documented somewhat through my phone using Instagram.

As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, I do eventually create a physical scrapbook full of photos, admission tickets, venue brochures and various other paper souvenirs. I now also create a small 20-page Mosaic coffee table album as well. Mosaic is a free app for your smart phone (available for iPhones & Android) and it’s super easy to create an album using the photos on your phone (you don’t need a PC). The albums are high quality, beautifully made and ship quickly – I typically have it in about a week.

My Mosaic AlbumsThe cover, my stack of albums and the packaging.

You are very, very limited on options though. You have to have 20 images – no more, no less. Only one image per page with no text. You have no choice in album cover – it’s hardcover and comes only in black fabric. There is only size to choose from – 7″x7″. The only customizable options are whether the pages are black or white and you can now add limited text to the inside page. Oh, and you can randomize the images that make up the cover “mosaic” collage if you’d like. Price is $20/album (+$5 shipping for one book, $6 for two). They occasionally offer free shipping but I have never seen the album itself discounted. To be honest though, I think the lack of options is what I like. I have now created 5 albums and I like that they are all the same. The packaging they come in is awesome and they make great gifts. I have albums for the Foliage Tour 2012, Seattle+Alaskan Cruise 2013, NYC 2013 (two trips in one album), Budapest+Vienna 2014 and NYC January 2015. The lettering on the spine I did with stamps.

I have a personal twist to these albums though. Since the albums are already in a square format, I thought my square Instagram pics from my trips would work perfectly. Since I don’t tend to print those images for my scrapbook albums it’s also a way to make sure those images come off my phone and get printed somehow. And it also motivates me to get 20 good Instagram images per major trip!

Maybe now you’ll be inspired to go print your own albums, whether or not they are from Mosaic!

Interior of the Mosaic albumInterior & the cover collage using images in the album.

Below are sample pages from each of my albums.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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LEGO Minifigure Showcase

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I was inspired by some ideas on Pinterest and have created my own LEGO minifigure showcase. The LEGO baseplates are 10″x10″ so I found a 10″x10″ shadow box frame on Amazon. I took the glass out, inserted the baseplate and bought the grey LEGO pieces from the LEGO Pick a Brick store.

I kept the black base that the various minifigures come on because it’s a unique piece that fits them perfectly. They sit on the a 2×2 angle plate brick (item 3956).

The minifigures themselves have been a combo of buying them sight unseen or outright purchasing some favorites online (like The Minifigure Store). I did build the surfer in the top right corner myself at the LEGO store so he is custom.

Now I can showcase some of my favorite minifigures – and they are easy to swap out too…

I was inspired by #pinterest & created my own #LEGO #minifigure showcase.


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